Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh... I just love Coconut Oil!

This is one of my very favourite things at the moment.  I blogged earlier about Coconut Water, which I just love, I seem to love everything coconut at the moment!  But my love of Coconut Oil is not a new thing.

These are two of my favourite brands....

I have been using Coconut Oil for about two years now.  When I say Coconut Oil, I mean it has to be organic, virgin and unrefined, this is very important.  It means that it does not have any chemicals added, no colouring added, no bleaching and has been extracted and produced without chemicals.  You should really get an oil that is in a dark bottle or packaging and keep it in the dark pantry (or in your bathroom cupboard).

I use Coconut Oil in cooking, it is the best frying or cooking oil and does not go rancid like other oils.  It is great for high heat cooking and also not so high cooking.  But my favourite use of the oil is as a moisturiser.  I have to say that over the years I have used so many moisturisers, really expensive moisturisers, particularly on my face, but on my body as well.  Then I read an article on coconut oil, bought some, tried it and I am now addicted!  I use it on my face and body and also as a hair conditioner.  Oily skin or not it is still a fantastic facial moisturiser, actually it is the best.  I have a friend who will not try this because she has oily skin prone to breakouts.  What she doesn't realise is that this would be the best thing for it.  It is anti viral, anti bacterial so is absolutely fantastic on acne skin.  I have oily skin, I have oily skin prone to break outs and since using this my skin has never looked better.  It is such an amazing anti aging oil, I am amazed that more people have not snapped it up.  But trust me ladies, it is amazing.

I also have fair skin.   I was away on vacation over Christmas and I got sooo sun burnt.  Normally I peel and just go back to pale.  Instead I used coconut oil on my sunburn and what do you know, did not peel and I went so brown!  I am never brown.... I was so excited, LOL  It is such a fabulous all over the body, everyday body moisturiser.   It is great for cracked elbows, cracked heels.

Another fabulous thing is that it is cheap!  You can get a massive jar of this for about $20 and this will last well over a year, using it for face and full body every day and hair once a week, that is cheap!  But there are different sized jars, so price varies depending on brand and size.  We actually have two now, one in the kitchen for cooking and the other in the bathroom upstairs for moisturising.

In Australia where I live, during the summer it turns to a liquid, looking like all other oils, but in the winter it goes into a solid, a white solid, which is easy to scoop out a little bit to put on.

Now my advise, is don't use too much!  You only need a tiny bit!  My brother decided to give it a try about a year ago and called me asking how long I kept this on for before washing it off.  I was a little confused saying that I don't wash it off, well not until I shower the next morning.  I apply it after my shower in the morning (and if I have another shower if going out at night).  He said but how did I sleep or put clothes on!  I explained that I just rub it into my skin and it all soaks in.  How much did he put on?  He had lathered himself in the oil, LOL, I was in hysterics.  So please, if you try it, just a little, you can always apply more.  It it's a solid, I would say that you would not need more than about a pea size for your face, but if it's liquid, I just dunk my finger in and apply, then maybe another dunk.  Seriously you don't need much.

I highly recommend this oil, I buy it from my local health food store in Australia, in the oil section.

I found this great video on You Tube about the beauty benefits of Coconut Oil and ways you can use it.

Thanks for reading along and until next time...

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Monnie, it's so funny I just came across the link to your blog from because I was just researching about the benefits of coconut oil! I'm happy to hear of another mom who's used it and liked it. I'm going out to buy some right now and you have a new follower! I look forward to chatting in the future. :)

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

I've heard a lot about coconut oil lately. I must give it a try.
{My brother lives in Australia, hopefully you aren't near all the crazy flooding!}

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