Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh... I just love Coconut Oil!

This is one of my very favourite things at the moment.  I blogged earlier about Coconut Water, which I just love, I seem to love everything coconut at the moment!  But my love of Coconut Oil is not a new thing.

These are two of my favourite brands....

I have been using Coconut Oil for about two years now.  When I say Coconut Oil, I mean it has to be organic, virgin and unrefined, this is very important.  It means that it does not have any chemicals added, no colouring added, no bleaching and has been extracted and produced without chemicals.  You should really get an oil that is in a dark bottle or packaging and keep it in the dark pantry (or in your bathroom cupboard).

I use Coconut Oil in cooking, it is the best frying or cooking oil and does not go rancid like other oils.  It is great for high heat cooking and also not so high cooking.  But my favourite use of the oil is as a moisturiser.  I have to say that over the years I have used so many moisturisers, really expensive moisturisers, particularly on my face, but on my body as well.  Then I read an article on coconut oil, bought some, tried it and I am now addicted!  I use it on my face and body and also as a hair conditioner.  Oily skin or not it is still a fantastic facial moisturiser, actually it is the best.  I have a friend who will not try this because she has oily skin prone to breakouts.  What she doesn't realise is that this would be the best thing for it.  It is anti viral, anti bacterial so is absolutely fantastic on acne skin.  I have oily skin, I have oily skin prone to break outs and since using this my skin has never looked better.  It is such an amazing anti aging oil, I am amazed that more people have not snapped it up.  But trust me ladies, it is amazing.

I also have fair skin.   I was away on vacation over Christmas and I got sooo sun burnt.  Normally I peel and just go back to pale.  Instead I used coconut oil on my sunburn and what do you know, did not peel and I went so brown!  I am never brown.... I was so excited, LOL  It is such a fabulous all over the body, everyday body moisturiser.   It is great for cracked elbows, cracked heels.

Another fabulous thing is that it is cheap!  You can get a massive jar of this for about $20 and this will last well over a year, using it for face and full body every day and hair once a week, that is cheap!  But there are different sized jars, so price varies depending on brand and size.  We actually have two now, one in the kitchen for cooking and the other in the bathroom upstairs for moisturising.

In Australia where I live, during the summer it turns to a liquid, looking like all other oils, but in the winter it goes into a solid, a white solid, which is easy to scoop out a little bit to put on.

Now my advise, is don't use too much!  You only need a tiny bit!  My brother decided to give it a try about a year ago and called me asking how long I kept this on for before washing it off.  I was a little confused saying that I don't wash it off, well not until I shower the next morning.  I apply it after my shower in the morning (and if I have another shower if going out at night).  He said but how did I sleep or put clothes on!  I explained that I just rub it into my skin and it all soaks in.  How much did he put on?  He had lathered himself in the oil, LOL, I was in hysterics.  So please, if you try it, just a little, you can always apply more.  It it's a solid, I would say that you would not need more than about a pea size for your face, but if it's liquid, I just dunk my finger in and apply, then maybe another dunk.  Seriously you don't need much.

I highly recommend this oil, I buy it from my local health food store in Australia, in the oil section.

I found this great video on You Tube about the beauty benefits of Coconut Oil and ways you can use it.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh... I Just Love Blueberry Bliss

Now these little things may be the reason for my ever increasing waistline!  I am talking about Blueberry Bliss.

They are by Dr Superfoods and are absolutely delicious and addictive.  They are yummy dried blueberries coated in smooth dark chocolate and I can tell you now, it is impossible to stop at just one... packet, LOL.

You can usually find Blueberry Bliss in Australia at health food stores and many of the large pharmacies in the health food section.  You can find info about them by visiting Dr Superfoods website

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh... I Just Love 3D Puzzles!

Well the truth is, that my son loves these puzzles, it's not an "Oh... I just love that!" moment for me, LOL.  But I do love the enjoyment he gets out of building the puzzles.

My son has done quite a few of these puzzles and still has a few more that we have collected on a recent trip to the USA, ones that we haven't seen here in Australia.

The brand is "Cubic Fun" and they have a large variety to choose from.  We have done the Sydney Opera House (which is smaller than we expected), Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Arc de Triomphe.  There are so many to choose from, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, the list goes on and on with famous buildings from all around the world.  They don't require any tools to build them and once your child gets the knack of how to put one together there won't be any stopping them and once finished they look awesome!

Cubic Fun, Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle
Cubic Fun, Empire State Building 3D Puzzle
Cubic Fun, Sydney Opera House 3D Puzzle

They are reasonably priced.  We got ours from a local toy store and they were about $11.95 (Australian Dollars), but we just got one on sale for $7.95.  They are also a great kids party present.  For those parents who, like us, seem to have birthday party after birthday party some weekends, this is a great, reasonably priced gift.  On the Cubic Fun website they have a massive range, even many for girls and some Disney ones too but I have not seen those in Australia.  That is not to say that they are not here as I have not been into every toy or puzzle store in the country, LOL.  It doesn't have an age on the pack but I would say from about age 8 up they would be a good gift.  I just gave one to a friends son who was turning 10 and he and his 12 year old brother loved it.

I have seen a few online stores with these in Australia, but you may find them at a local toy or puzzle store too.  In other countries I guess it would be the same, at toy or puzzle stores.  I did find some at Walt Disney World recently in the USA store at Epcot World Showcase, they were more expensive than in Australia, about $14.95 (US Dollars) from memory, but it is Disney after all, LOL.

So to see the full range you can go to Cubic Fun website   Although I don't know which of their range is available in different countries as this is an International website.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh... I just love Lindt Mint Intense

I am currently addicted to Lindy Mint Intense Chocolate.  The only way to stop myself from eating this is to not buy it in the first place!


Yesterday whilst at the supermarket, I walked down the confectionery aisle and added a block of this to my shopping trolley (cart).  Well this is all that is left today....

Well actually now, there isn't any left.  That last little piece went in about 2 seconds after I took that photo.  I would have been happy to share some with all of you, no that's a lie, I would not have, I wanted that whole block to myself, LOL.

Anyway this is really a lovely chocolate.  Actually the whole Lindt range is delicious, I received two boxes of Lindt chocolate balls for Christmas, have to love boxes of Lindt Balls.  My favourite are the milk chocolate Lindt Balls, but the white or dark are yummy too.  Nothing better than biting into that harder outside to find that soft milk chocolate inside the ball.  I can highly recommend them to anybody who has not tried them.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Balls

The Lindt website has some really good recipes too if you like to cook with chocolate.  Here is a link to their recipe site.

Now my mouth is watering, I had better go and buy another block of Lindt Mint Intense as I am all out!  No I won't... my new years resolution is to lose some weight, so I must not have any more Lindt!

Thanks for reading along and until next time...

Mon  xx

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh... I Just Love my Crabtree & Evelyn Fragrance Diffuser

Well I had a big day today and found something to be really really handy and has become very high up on my "I just love that" list, but I will blog about it tomorrow as I did already have this planned as something that I just love at the moment.

We were staying in a holiday home up in the Whitsunday Islands (in Australia).  We have stayed there before and the bathroom and bedroom that I always stay in has a very distinct smell and I absolutely love it.  I had noticed it the visit before but when we returned last time, when I walked into the room.... oh that smell... I said I have to find out what that smell is.

Now I am not a person that deals well with smells if they are overpowering.  Sometimes I will walk into one of those soap shops or smelly shops that have incense everywhere and I just can't stay in there, they make me sneeze.  Anyway this smell from the holiday home is not an overpowering smell, it is very subtle and it is just divine.  Not too flowery and feminine and not too masculine.  So I had to find out what it was and where it was coming from.  In the bathroom in a corner on the counter I saw this really cute little square bottle, filled with shells and sticks coming out of it.  It sat in front of this divine wooden box.

This is what it was, this is where the smell was coming from it was from Crabtree & Evelyn and was their India Hicks Island Living Casurina Fragrance Diffuser and it can be found at

Crabtree & Evelyn India Hicks Island Living Casurina Fragrance Diffuser

Once we arrived home from our trip, I went into Crabtree & Evelyn to find one of these smelly things so that I could have this smell around my house.  It was a little more expensive than I was expecting and I was thinking about getting just the refill bottle and new sticks set (which still looks cute) and having it in another type of bottle.  But one of the things that I loved was the shape and style of the bottle and the cute shells in the bottom, so I decided to lash out and get it in the box.  I will post a photo tomorrow.

My link is to the Australian Crabtree & Evelyn website, you can find the USA Crabtree and Evelyn site here and they do stock this diffuser and other products in this scents range.

This smell is something that always reminds us of our trips to the Whitsundays and I just love that!

Thanks for reading along and until next time....

Mon  xx

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh...I Just Love Coconut Water

This is a new one for me.  Well new in that I have been drinking this for a couple of months and have become somewhat addicted.  I am not a soft drink (soda or pop in other countries) drinker, well I do on the odd occasion, really just as an addition to vodka, LOL.  I am not really a juice drinker either, I just love to drink water (boring I know).

Anyway I have heard about coconut water and it being some wonderful new fad and hadn't really paid much attention.  Coconut water is the clear fluid that comes from the inside of young green coconuts.  It doesn't have any fat and is very high in potassium.  It is also rich in electrolytes so it makes it a very hydrating drink.

I was at a local market a couple of months ago and they had a massive pile of Cocobella ( Coconut Waters at the check out.  They had a few flavours, but what caught my eye was the Pink Guava.  YUM YUM YUM, I love Guava juice.  The only place I have ever had it was in Hawaii and it is so delicious.  So I picked up one little carton and took it home and popped it in the fridge.

There are three flavours available.  Pineapple, Pink Guava and Mango.  I actually forgot about it for a few days and opened the fridge one day and thought I would give that a try.  Oh I can not tell you how good it was.  I went right out and bought some more pink guava but also one each of the pineapple and mango.  I tried the pineapple a few days later and was not a massive fan of that, I won't be getting the Pineapple flavour again.  Last night I tried the Mango flavour and it was delicious.  So my favourite flavours are the Pink Guava and the Mango.

So I can highly recommend trying these but make sure they are cold.  They are often not kept in the fridge when you buy them.  I saw them at Coles supermarket (in Australia) the other day, but I get mine from a local market and am not sure of where they are available in other countries.  Here is their website, they may have suppliers listed.

Cocobella Coconut Water -

Thanks for reading along and until next time.....

Mon  xx

Oh...I Just Love Blogging

Welcome to my very first blog post!

I love so many things and I really like to talk about and share things that I like and love and I feel that my audience of friends and family is not enough to share my excitement over different things and places.

Now what sort of things that I love will I be sharing with you?  Well I will be sharing foods that I like (and love), shops, products, places, websites and blogs....  Anything really as long as I like it.

Why are you really going to care what I love?  Well I don't know really, LOL, but you may be interested to hear what I love and you may find some really really great things or places that you have never heard of before and may find something or somewhere that you will love too.  You may also love something that I blog about too and you can say "Oh... I just love that too"

So who am I?   Well I am Mon and I have just turned 40!  Oh that was such a shock for me and I felt so old that day (and every day since).  I am a mum with one son.  He is a tween and is just growing at a ridiculous pace.  I am sure any Mums with boys will know what I am talking about.  Last year he grew three shoe sizes!!!!  Yes... so that was three new pairs of school shoes last year.

That's enough of an intro, so I will get on with my first "love".  What will it be... I'm not even sure yet.

Thanks for reading along and until next time....

Mon  xx