Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh... I just love that little reindeer

I was out shopping yesterday and popped into Bed Bath n' Table.  

To my excitement they had 30% off all Christmas decorations.

I have to say that I always end up getting something from Bed Bath N' Table every Christmas as their decorations are just divine.

I ended up with a few things in my trolley, but my favourite was this adorable little reindeer.


Isn't it adorable?


Oh... I just love this blog

It's been a long time between posts.

Life was busy and I was taken away from my blog.  I've decided to get it going again and start sharing with all of you all of the things and places that I love once again.

Everything I post about has been purchased myself, something new that I have just found, something I've had for a longtime or even somewhere I love to eat.  I'll post about places I've travelled too, that I just love.  So follow along, tell your friends and I hope that you find something new, find somewhere new to travel to or just enjoy reading about new things.

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