Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh... I Just Love Blueberry Bliss

Now these little things may be the reason for my ever increasing waistline!  I am talking about Blueberry Bliss.

They are by Dr Superfoods and are absolutely delicious and addictive.  They are yummy dried blueberries coated in smooth dark chocolate and I can tell you now, it is impossible to stop at just one... packet, LOL.

You can usually find Blueberry Bliss in Australia at health food stores and many of the large pharmacies in the health food section.  You can find info about them by visiting Dr Superfoods website

Thanks for reading along and until next time....

Mon  xx


Joni Llanora said...

Seems healthy though. Will grab a pck when I see it at the shops :)

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

New follower through Bloggy Moms!

Brea said...

Those look delicious! New follower here from Bloggy Moms :) Cute blog!


imthatmommy said...

Following from bloggy moms! These look so yummy!