Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh... I just love Lindt Mint Intense

I am currently addicted to Lindy Mint Intense Chocolate.  The only way to stop myself from eating this is to not buy it in the first place!


Yesterday whilst at the supermarket, I walked down the confectionery aisle and added a block of this to my shopping trolley (cart).  Well this is all that is left today....

Well actually now, there isn't any left.  That last little piece went in about 2 seconds after I took that photo.  I would have been happy to share some with all of you, no that's a lie, I would not have, I wanted that whole block to myself, LOL.

Anyway this is really a lovely chocolate.  Actually the whole Lindt range is delicious, I received two boxes of Lindt chocolate balls for Christmas, have to love boxes of Lindt Balls.  My favourite are the milk chocolate Lindt Balls, but the white or dark are yummy too.  Nothing better than biting into that harder outside to find that soft milk chocolate inside the ball.  I can highly recommend them to anybody who has not tried them.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Balls

The Lindt website has some really good recipes too if you like to cook with chocolate.  Here is a link to their recipe site.

Now my mouth is watering, I had better go and buy another block of Lindt Mint Intense as I am all out!  No I won't... my new years resolution is to lose some weight, so I must not have any more Lindt!

Thanks for reading along and until next time...

Mon  xx


Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

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Happiness On The Inside said...

I just love the milk chocolate balls! They are the very best. Too bad I'm not going to be seen them too often this coming year. Ohhh, I hate having to limit myself.

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Monnie said...

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that blond chick said...

I had some of the chocolate balls around Christmas time-they were VERY good! You pretty much can't go wrong with chocolate :)